Company Identity, Catalog, Tickets and Poster series for “Maker Faire”, an event created by “Make” magazine to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset”. In this project the goal was to create imagery (stamps) to emphasize the idea of connection and invention for each of the event’s category (bicycles, electronics, textiles, and green tech)

  • makerfaire_00
  • makerfaire_01
  • makerfaire_02
  • makerfaire_03
  • makerfaire_04
  • makerfaire_05
  • makerfaire_06
  • makerfaire_07
  • makerfaire_08
  • makerfaire_09
  • makerfaire_10
  • makerfaire_11
  • makerfaire_12
  • makerfaire_13
  • makerfaire_14
  • makerfaire_15
  • makerfaire_16

  • maker_poster1
  • maker_poster2
  • maker_poster3


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